Repair Handle, Tenant Screening, And Home Away Vacant Home Property Management

November 14, 2022

Repair Handle, Tenant Screening, And Home Away Vacant Home Property Management

Repair Handle, Tenant Screening, And Home Away Vacant Home Property Management

Owning a rental property requires a lot of monetary as well as mental effort. From hidden expenses to repair demands arising at the most unpleasant hours, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into owning a house. Property managers at True Property Management make the home owning process pleasantly manageable. With our repair handle, tenant screening, and home-away vacant home property management, we aim to offer the perfect solutions for hassle-free ownership. TPM provides you services to handle your late-night repair calls, manage your home when you are away, and search for quality tenants for your property.

How To Deal With Your Repair Handle And Maintenance Issues?

Along with managing your estate, True Property Management offers repair handle services for a stress-free ownership. Sometimes the performance of a property management company depends on how quickly they respond to a repair when needed. The last thing you want as a homeowner is to be called at midnight for a leaky roof or three in the morning for faulty electrics. For that matter, True Property Management will handle that call for you and respond immediately. Maintenance problem-solving is one of TPM’s strong suits. We provide you with repairmen who are reliable and knowledgeable. Our repair handle hotline is active 24/7 for tenant-occupied homes to get the maintenance technicians at their doorstep within hours, keeping you away from exasperating drudgery.

How To Run A Background Check With Tenant Screening?

Getting a good repairman on time is still doable. Finding the perfect person to rent out your home is easier said than done. Though achievable, great tenants are found through a greater tenant screening process. True Property Management helps you find, attract and keep quality tenants. TPM starts its renter screening process as soon as the rental application is received from a prospective renter so that our landlords can rest assured that their property is in safe hands. Our tenant screening services run a thorough background check on the tenant for you, with not only their FICO scores, credit history, and employment scores, but also their eviction history, and criminal records to keep your property occupied with dependable tenants at all times.

What Is Vacant Home Property Management?

In addition to all that TPM offers, we also take care of your homes when you are out vacaying! Leaving a house unoccupied can trigger vacation anxiety. For that, our vacant property management services aim to offer our owners a piece of mind and protection to their valuable investments. At TPM, we make a weekly visit to your home as your vacant home caretakers when you’re away. Our team conducts timely inspections on your property and ensures that your mails are not being collected out front on the doorstep, your bills are paid and the gardener is paying timely visits. To elaborate, TPM does anything that you ask for, within reason, of course. But majorly, we will check on the house and make sure everything is okay, so when you return home from your great vacation you don’t get any unpleasant surprises.

Ready To Get Started?

At True Property Management, we aim to add ease to your life and provide high standards in real estate management. Have a broken window for us to fix? Looking for quality tenants? Or are you worrying about leaving your home vacant while you are thousands of miles away? We can handle operations, maintenance and protection of your home. So get in touch with your potential property manager at True Property Management by contacting us at 866-957-6677.

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