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Awarded Best Property
Manager in 13 Orange
County Cities

finds and reviews the top service professionals in over 200 industries across the U.S. Each month, we research more than 60,000 businesses to help customers find the best-qualified professional for their needs.

Awarded Best Property
Manager in 13 Orange
County Cities

finds and reviews the top service professionals in over 200 industries across the U.S. Each month, we research more than 60,000 businesses to help customers find the best-qualified professional for their needs.


Hiring a property management company enables you to focus on your business of investing while we help ensure that your tenants receive the care and attention they need. Our Orange County property management company is committed to providing you with exceptional solutions to meet your needs, including most of the services you need to maintain your property. Consider some of the features and services we provide.

True Upfront Pricing True Upfront Pricing

Work with us to choose the type of services you need. We can provide a wide range of supportive services to make managing your business as easy as possible. What’s more, you can pick and choose the types of services best suited for your individual needs. There is no challenge in getting what you need either. With upfront pricing, you know from the start what we provide, what we charge, and what you can expect when using our services over time. There are no hidden fees. Pay for the services you need.

True Transparency True Transparency

As a dedicated Orange County property management company, you can count on us to provide full transparency. That includes providing you with updates as often as you need them and transparency in what we are doing for you, how we are doing it, and what the results are. Whether that includes making repairs, maintenance, screening prospective tenants, or managing the entire tenant and landlord process – we do it all for you with clarity. This is your business. You should have good insight into what is happening with your property any time you want.

True Full-Service Management and Marketing True Full-Service Management and Marketing

One of the most important steps to success with investment properties is keeping them packed with tenants. It goes without saying, then, that you need a team that can handle the entire process for you with ease. Our management and marketing services are extensive. We will help with staging your property to ensure it is ready for tenants to look at and sign up for. We will also work with you to manage the tenant screening process, ensuring you get the best possible tenants into place.

Are you just purchasing your property? Let our team handle the renovations and updates to it so that it is ready to go and capable of making the most money for you in the current market. Once it is ready to go, our team will work closely with you to ensure the best overall results. We will market it to help ensure you get the very best results.

With effective marketing and outstanding updates to modernize your property, you can count on pulling in the best possible tenants. Our management team then goes to work for you, screening all applicants and helping choose the person who is most likely to be a good tenant for the property.

Our service does not stop there. Our management services can go further for you, including helping with setting up contracts and leases, handling any type of background checks necessary, and doing all employment screening. Once the tenants are in place, we go to work handling the collection of rental payments and handling all the other services you need. You can expect us to be there for you at all times, providing the best level of service on a reliable basis.

True Maintenance Management True Maintenance Management

A big part of managing any rental property is ensuring the maintenance is always kept up. That includes the daily tasks needed to maintain the property, such as cleaning shared spaces and keeping the landscaping looking good. Our team can handle all the maintenance planning for you like this, minimizing any risk of problems over time (and often minimizing the need for more extensive renovations).

In addition, when there is a need for more significant repairs and maintenance needs, our team can help ensure they are done well. We will work with local professionals who are capable of providing exceptional service. You may also find that our team is more than ready to help with emergency repairs as they occur, such as ensuring that your tenant’s plumbing, electrical systems, and appliances are all in good working condition.

Through good maintenance and ample repair support when it is needed, we can ensure the best possible property management in Orange County. A well-maintained property like this keeps its value long-term. It also is often sought after by those who are looking to rent with ease.

True Express Payments True Express Payments

Expression payments are an important tool to offer today’s tenants. That is, renters no longer want to write a paper check and deposit it. Rather, they want to be able to send payment electronically. That is easy enough to do with the help of our team.

We have the software components in place to ensure the best possible outcome for payments. This not only means we can set up electronic payments from your tenants but also properly manage the money that you are being paid. In nearly all situations, that means that you have better transparency about where you are spending money and how much you are spending. At the same time, you gain financial insight into your company.

True Tenant Screening True Tenant Screening

Today, it is more important than ever to have a professional manage the tenant screening process for your property. That is because there are numerous liability risks involved. In addition, there are numerous rules in place that must be followed to ensure you are not breaking any discrimination laws in the state. Still, there is a need to manage background screening properly.

Our team can handle that entire process for you, minimizing any risk that you are going to have trouble with when it comes to bringing in the best possible tenants. Our tenant screening process protects you, ensuring that there is no risk to you of improper screening but also giving you as much information as possible.

We can make the tenant selection for you or provide you with the applicants and the information about them, so you can ultimately decide who uses your property.

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“Positive: Professionalism”

Wynndale Lagat

“True Property Management provides great customer services with their clients in mind. They are very passionate about the work they do and it shows”

Alester Black

“Pleasant conversation with management even I went to go speak about our junk removal services. Friendly staff, as I am sure also professionals. Give them a try.”

John Bennett

“TPM has been managing my rental property for a number of years. Kurt and his team are very honest, responsive, and professional. Communication is fantastic and as an owner that is not local, that is a highly valued quality in a property manager. I would highly recommend them!”

Eric Carranza

“Rented a home where True Property Management handled the property for the owners. They have an easy-to-use app to pay rent and to report any issues. We reported three issues throughout the year and all three were handled promptly. Specifically, the person we worked with was Fred Jackson, who we met when we arrived at the home to receive our keys, and who worked with us during the year if we had any questions.”

Brian Tada

“Over the years as a valid customer, I have received good quality service from the team. And they have been handled my responses in a timely manner. I am happy to have worked with them. Very respectful as well.”

Erin Gatehouse

“I was struggling to find an apartment being new to Newport Beach. I stumbled across True Property Management and have been so fortunate to work with them. They guided me through which apartment would best meet my needs. It has been a smooth process ever since and I am in love with my apartment!”

Alica Cheney

“Kurt has been amazing. They are quick and efficient. Issues are handled amazingly fast. I love that they follow up to ensure the work was done properly and that no issues remain. I would recommend them highly.”

Ginny Mendoza

“Kurt worked with me to find a qualified renter. I travel a lot so, I didn’t want to take care of the many issues that a renter might have. It has worked out fine and my rent money is directly deposited into my account regularly every month. Good job, guys! Its been a positive experience.”

Jhonny Bravo

“We’ve rented from True Property for 3 years until we bought a home. Our townhouse was a wonderful place to live and the management company did a fantastic job keeping the place nice. All of our maintenance requests were completed in a timely manner and concerns were addressed quickly. They have an easy-to-use online pay and maintenance portal which was very useful. I highly recommend it!!”

Clyde Allen

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