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Top-Rated Property Management in Orange County, CA

True Upfront Pricing True Upfront Pricing

We can provide a wide range of supportive services to make managing your business as easy as possible. Also, you can pick and choose the types of services best suited for your individual needs. And with upfront pricing, you know from the start what we provide, what we charge, and what you can expect when using our services over time. We have no hidden fees and you only pay for the services you need.

True Transparency True Transparency

As a dedicated property management company in Orange County, you can count on us to provide full transparency. We provide you with updates as often as you need. You will know what we are doing for you, how we are doing it, and the results with ease. Whether that includes making repairs, maintenance, screening prospective tenants, or managing the entire process – we do it all for you. This is your business. You should have good insight into what is happening with your property any time you want.

True Full-Service Management and Marketing True Full-Service Management and Marketing

One of the most important steps to success with investment properties is keeping them fully occupied with tenants. In order to achieve that, you need a team that can handle the entire process for you. Our management and marketing services are extensive. We will help with staging your property to ensure it is ready for tenants to view and apply for. We will also work with you to manage the tenant screening process, ensuring you get the best possible tenants into place.

True Maintenance Management True Maintenance Management

A big part of managing any rental property is ensuring the maintenance is always kept up. That includes the daily tasks needed to maintain the property, such as cleaning shared spaces and keeping the landscaping looking its best. Our team can handle all the maintenance planning for you, minimizing the risk of problems over time (and often reducing the need for more extensive renovations).

True Express Payments True Express Payments

Express payments are an important tool to offer today’s tenants. Most transactions are performed online instead of the typical paper checks. Tenants want to be able to send payment electronically. With our team, we make that process very easy to do.
We have the software components in place to ensure successful transactions for both income and expenses. This not only means we can set up electronic payments from your tenants, but also properly manage the money that is being paid out. In nearly all situations, you will have better transparency about where you are spending money and how much you are spending. At the same time, you gain full financial insight into your company.

True Tenant Screening True Tenant Screening

Today, it is more important than ever to have a professional manage the tenant screening process for your property. That is because there are numerous liability risks involved. In addition, there are numerous rules in place that must be followed to ensure you are not breaking any discrimination laws in the state. In order to comply with those regulations and laws, there is a need to manage background screening properly.

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Our Vision, Mission And Values Behind The Formation Of TPM

A high-quality property management company understands the impact your property has on your financial goals and strives to increase the profitability for property owners. Keeping this vision alive, True Property Management was formed to combat all the complaints owners had regarding maintaining the integrity of their investments, including communication, transparency and response to repairs.

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Forming True Property Management


“As a landlord, I highly recommend them because their prices are competitive and they fix problems quickly. The online portal makes it easy to submit maintenance requests and approve repair costs. I appreciate their commitment to providing excellent service.”

Pirity Kimathi

“True property management was so helpful in finding a rental property for my mother-in-law. Every step was seamless. They made sure the home was spotless and ready to move in. I highly recommend using them.”

Julie H.

“If you’re looking for a property management team that puts you first, True Property Management is a perfect choice. They are very open and give you access to your financial reports, statements, and documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I appreciate their dedication to protecting my investment.”

Carol Hill

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