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As life gets busier and time gets precious, digital platforms have become the popular virtual worlds to connect. And when it comes to managing your property, communication is key. To help landlords and tenants connect easier, TPM brings you an online owner portal.

Our online owner portal streamlines communication, protects your investment, and helps you maximize the value of your properties. The idea behind the owner portal is to increase owner and tenant satisfaction and to improve communication with 24/7 access to information.

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True owner portal

Are you a property owner looking for a consolidated solution to carry out your landlord duties? True Property Management offers a convenient way to handle tenancy-related issues with our owner portal. By continually improving our landlord experience, this portal guarantees protection and comfort with its round-the-clock services including:

Simplified and secure payments

Make and receive payments from the mobile-friendly online portal. Directly send funds for owner contributions, including emergency maintenance repairs, renovations, or reserves via eCheck or Debit Card. Are you ready to make payments with a single tap? Login to our online portal today and explore a newer, faster and safer way to make and receive payments.

24/7 access and property insights

Being an owner requires a lot of checks and balances to protect the integrity of your property and ownership. For that, we offer accessible control for landlords with our owner portal. Get on-demand access to financial statements, monthly summaries, year-end tax statements, and other important documents from anywhere using our expansive mobile capabilities.

Enhanced communication

Our tech-savvy online portal keeps the owner and tenant connected easily and minimizes communication delays. Logging into the self-service portal helps engage the renters and owners quickly with any device. Stay connected and informed with built-in messaging, notifications, and email tools, all with fully mobile functionality to simplify communication.


We keep you up to date on property rental information
Our web portal designed specifically for landlords is one of the best property owner portals in Orange County, California. Our online portal helps our owners stay up to date on their rental information such as: If the property is listed, the price it is listed at, the number of applications it receives, etc.


We help you track records of important documents
Our owner portal supports relevant record-keeping requirements for our landlords. It not only helps you make invoices, view receipts, and report a repair but also helps you keep track of any legal documents, tenant information, tenant credit scores, criminal history and a lot more.

Top-rated real estate veterans

Our property managers have advanced knowledge of the local rental market. Their experience, marketing tactics and negotiation skills drivesales, increase the value of a property, and help clients meet their desired demands.

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Reliable and trustworthy

Trust is fundamental to genuine success of any kind. Our property managers understand how important it is to build and to keep trust. We facilitate an honest relationship between property managers, landlords and renters.

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Fast, Easy and Secure Tenant and Owner Portal At TPM

With more and more businesses undergoing a digital transformation, True Property Management aims to provide its owners and renters with easy-to-use tenant and owner portals. These portals provide instant access to information 24/7 and offer a convenient way to maintain a 2-way communication between owners and property managers.

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Tenant and Owner Portal at True Property Management


“As a landlord, I highly recommend them because their prices are competitive and they fix problems quickly. The online portal makes it easy to submit maintenance requests and approve repair costs. I appreciate their commitment to providing excellent service.”

Pirity Kimathi

“True property management was so helpful in finding a rental property for my mother-in-law. Every step was seamless. They made sure the home was spotless and ready to move in. I highly recommend using them.”

Julie H.

“If you’re looking for a property management team that puts you first, True Property Management is a perfect choice. They are very open and give you access to your financial reports, statements, and documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I appreciate their dedication to protecting my investment.”

Carol Hill


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