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Paying your rent on time can help you buy a home

November 22, 2021

Paying your rent on time can help you buy a home

A couple of months ago, government-sponsored entity Fannie Mae allowed lenders to consider rental payment history in their decision to approve a loan. Now, Freddie Mac is joining their lead. The government agency is incentivizing landlords to report on-time rent payments to the three major credit bureaus—Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Why is this important? Through the new program, homebuyer credit scores can see a positive boost with up to 24 months of on-time rental payments. Now, True Property Management will be offering this as a service through their new Resident Benefit Package. As a part of the package, True will do positive credit reporting on behalf of their tenants to help boost their credit so, when the time comes, they may qualify to buy a home with a good interest rate.

Roughly 17% of rejected mortgage applicants could have been approved if their rental payment history was considered. But so far, less than 10% of renters see their rental history reflected in their credit report. Moves like this can help make homeownership more accessible, especially to first-time buyers.

To learn more about the Resident Benefit Package and how renting through True Property Management can help you with your financial and homeownership goals, check out the program here.

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