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Tenant Portal And Owner Portal At True Property Management

December 8, 2022

Tenant Portal And Owner Portal At True Property Management

Tenant Portal And Owner Portal At True Property Management

Being flooded with queries can be a major chunk of your life as a homeowner. Similarly, as a tenant, you will need thorough assistance before and after renting a house. Managing a property requires a lot of time and effort. While owning a property can be financially rewarding, the home buying and renting procedure can be awfully hectic with your busy schedule. So, why not opt for an innovative solution to carry out the process? True Property Management is proud to introduce the tenant portal and owner portal to our property management services. The idea is to maximize owner and tenant satisfaction and to improve communication with 24/7 access to information. TPM aims to complement its services with the introduction of the property management portal that offers you a tranquil real estate experience.

How Does Our Tenant Portal And Owner Portal Work?

The online tenant portal and owner portal at TPM is a software customized to help you stay up to date on your property information with the help of an automated property manager. It is a 24/7 assistance service. This tech-savvy succor keeps the owner and tenant connected with ease and minimizes communication hindrances. Logging in to the self-service portal helps engage the renters and owners with the leasing staff, make tenancy invoices, receipts, report a repair, make online payments and a lot more, at the ease of a device.

Benefits Of Using A Property Management Portal

With digitalization, mobile service tools are adding convenience to everyone’s life. Similarly, making renting and owning a home much easier, True Property Management guarantees convenience that goes beyond relief. Here’s how:

Rental Payments Made Easier

Our online tenant portal helps you pay rent for your home from the comfort of your bed or the busy office desk. It saves you from waiting in long queues at the bank or without having to come into the office. The convenience of online payment makes the process of rental payments easier and faster with automatic receipts. So, are you ready to pay rent with a single tap? Login to tenant portal today and explore a newer, faster and safer way to make payments.

Maintenance Requests On The Go!

With an aim to provide successful tenant retention strategies, we bring our valuable customers a maintenance request CTA. As a tenant, you can easily request maintenance to fix issues even arising after hours. A request to repair helps you find the maestros at our firm to fix breakages and other pesky maintenance issues. The owner’s portal will also notify you about the required maintenance of your home with our maintenance request tracker.

Accessible Control For Owners

Being an owner requires a lot of checks and balances to protect the integrity of your property and ownership. With the help of the nonchalant procedure at the owner’s portal, you can see what changes are being made during the maintenance of your property, track the rent payments, and all the invoices for the year. With our owner access, you can also keep a check on your renter’s rental history and access documents from anywhere!

All Set To Sign Up?

Adding value to your homes, True Property Management aims to keep your real estate woes at bay with its tenant and owner portal. Our portal guarantees protection and comfort with its round-the-clock services. Start using today by getting in touch with us at 866-957-6677.

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