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Tenants with Criminal Backgrounds

February 24, 2021

Tenants with Criminal Backgrounds

The Federal Fair Housing Act has a few rules for landlords when it comes to dealing with applicants with a criminal past.  

The Pros 

  • Justifiable policies enforced consistently protects landlords
  • Landlords have opportunities to prove their cases
  • Applicants with drug-related convictions have fewer protections
  • Allows reasonable protections for current tenants and/or property 

 And The Cons 

  • Rulings can be widely dependant upon the judge
  • Any inconsistency in screening hurts the landlord’s case.
  • Landlords have no protection if there was an arrest, but no conviction
  • Challenging rulings are costly, time-consuming, and unpredictable

Limitations for landlords 

A broad policy of denying any prospective tenant with any type of criminal history would be considered discriminatory under the Federal Fair Housing Act. 

Protections for applicants

HUD Believes a landlord policy that restricts tenants based on criminal history would disproportionately affect minority groups. Therefore, it is considered a discriminatory practice. 

HUD Has two discrimination categories,  unintentional and intentional. Unintentional discrimination, HUD uses a three-step process to determine if a landlord’s policy is discriminatory and violates the Federal Fair Housing Act. 

  • Does it create discrimination? 
  • Does it achieve a legitimate non-discriminatory interest? 
  • Is there a less discriminatory alternative? 

Intentional discrimination

Is the landlord’s policy is intentionally discriminatory if tenants with similar criminal records are treated differently? 

Drug-related crimes
Landlords cannot be convicted of unintentional discrimination for refusing to rent to a tenant who has been convicted of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance. 

With any legal questions and or advice please consult an attorney as to your specific concern. As property managers, we are not giving legal advice.

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