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Downsizing? Why You Might Want to Keep Your Old Home

May 18, 2021

Downsizing? Why You Might Want to Keep Your Old Home

As older California homeowners feel the pinch of rising property taxes, many are swapping their old family homes for something smaller, cheaper, and more suited to senior living.

Many senior homeowners are selling their properties in order to put equity into their next home and pad retirement savings, but is selling really the right call?

Why you should think twice before selling your California home

If you’re like most Americans, your home is your largest asset. And if you’re a California homeowner who bought their house 30 years ago, you probably paid far less for your home than it’s worth today. After researching home prices in your area, you’re thinking about cashing in on that appreciation. But should you?

Home prices in Southern California are higher than ever, and rents continue to rise at a steady pace. For long-time homeowners who purchased when prices were low, market rate rent could be significantly higher than the mortgage payment

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