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8 Common Reasons Renters Move

June 22, 2021

8 Common Reasons Renters Move

Most people who rent out property stay there for a limited time before moving out again. Relocation can be prompted by many reasons, and sometimes the landlord can fail to understand what led to the move. It can be valuable for both tenants and landlords to understand the most common reasons renters move. Understanding the causes behind the move will help you prevent further problems, leading to happier tenants. Here is our choice for the 8 most common reasons renters move out.

  1. Lack of communication leading to problems escalating

It’s normal for issues to arise from time to time. What’s important is that you respond quickly so that they don’t grow into more significant problems. Many common mistakes that landlords make can easily be handled by talking to the tenants and trying to find a mutually beneficial solution. Ignoring problems and then wondering why your tenants moved out is one of the most common reasons renters move.

2. The tenants can’t pay the rent

This is a broader issue that many different factors can cause. If there were no previous problems, it could be a good idea for landlords to cut long-time tenants some slack.

Here are some of the things which can make tenants unable to pay rent:

  • The rent is too high. Perhaps the landlord initially set the monthly rate too high, and renters have been struggling for a long time. Tenants might have finally decided to find someplace cheaper to live.
  • Rent increased too much. Most tenants expect the rent to rise over time. This usually happens when the lease is up for renewal. Property owners should be careful not to scare tenants away by increasing the rent by too much.
  • A change in finances. Perhaps the tenant lost their job, or is facing reduced hours at work. This may lead to them being unable to pay the rent that used to be fine until recently.

These problems can lead to the threat of eviction. Laws regarding eviction in California went back to normal in February, and renters fearing eviction might choose to leave early before they get forced out.

3. Renters want to move someplace that is larger

It’s normal for people to want something bigger and better. If personal finances allow it, most people will want to move into a larger home. Landlords who own multiple properties can talk to their renters and see if they can help find something more appropriate. On the other hand, if you are a tenant interested in getting the latest property listing updates, get alerts by subscribing here.

4. A new personal relationship recently started or ended

Getting out of a relationship is one of the more common reasons renters move out of a property. Perhaps tenants moved in as a couple. If one person moves out, the rent might be too much for the other person to take on alone.

Another reason to move out of a rented property is the start of a new relationship. The couple might want to move in together, and therefore need a place that is large enough.

5. The renters expect to expand their family

The couple that is renting might decide to start a family together. Perhaps the place they are currently renting isn’t large enough or appropriate for raising a child. Thankfully, there are plenty of family-friendly areas to settle down in California. Young parents favor suburban neighborhoods with plenty of sunshine and outdoor activities. California definitely has plenty of those, so parents-to-be will have an easy time finding something that fits their needs.

6. Need to change location

Even if the current place fits the needs of renters, they might need to change the location. The most common reason renters move to a different city or neighborhood are:

  • Job change. A new job may cause renters to move closer in order to save time commuting.
  • Education. Couples with children might want to be closer to their schools. The same goes for young students who enroll in higher education.
  • Being closer to family. Recently, many people have started working from home, so they might decide to move closer to their relatives or friends. Another reason could be that a family member has a medical condition that requires assistance. Relocating to take care of ill family members is a very noble gesture.

7. Problems with the landlord

Out of all of the issues we mention here, this is probably the only one that is entirely avoidable. However, it somehow always makes the list of the most common reasons renters move. Tenants mostly cite unresolved maintenance issues and negative interactions with their landlord as the reasons for moving. And who could blame the tenants if they keep on bringing up issues only to be ignored? Landlords who have tenants move out for these reasons really need to up their game. Or better yet, hire a professional property management company to handle everything for them.

8. Problematic neighbors

We are sure that everyone has heard about stories of neighbors from hell. Re-telling such anecdotes might be good for a chuckle, but no one wants to live next to annoying neighbors.

Arguments with neighbors can come in many different forms:

  • Simply not getting along
  • Noise complaints
  • Loud or aggressive pets
  • Piles of garbage and weird smells

As a landlord, you can’t do much about the neighbors if they aren’t living on your property. However, if you do own the property, it’s up to you to settle disputes before you lose too many tenants. And to tenants, all we can say is: our heart goes out to you. We totally understand your need to move, but you should talk to the property manager before taking things into your own hands.

The bottom line

After going through our list of the most common reasons for renters to move, you will see that many of the issues can be resolved with proper communication. A neutral party like a property management company can also help. They can approach any problems calmly and help to find a middle ground. Just arm yourself with patience and try to talk things out if you can.

Meta description: Here are the 8 most common reasons renters move out and try to find new properties. Many of them can be avoided, so read our article to find out how.

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