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Rental property analysis in Orange County, California

Offering constructive pricing with strategic rental property analysis in Orange County, California.

With the changing scales in supply and demand, we have seen constant rent fluctuations in the real estate market. It may so happen that when a property owner goes to market for rent pricing, he may find himself charging his tenants less-than-average. This is where we come in.

We at True Property Management give investors better insight into the current situation of the local rental market by offering a free rent analysis in Orange County, California. We provide property owners with a rent price estimate, rent range and a list of comparable properties.

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We help determine the estimated rent of your homeTPM aims to give you a higher starting price point for your rental by running your home rental analysis. To determine your rent price we consider the local rent control laws, the rental rates in your area and the physical attributes of your home.


We help make better decisions by comparing market rentsDid you know 70% of landlords charge their tenants below market value? 9 times out of 10 we bring you a higher rent price by using rent comparison data. With this, we set your rent based on dwellings in your area having similar features.

Top-rated real estate veterans

Our property managers have advanced knowledge of the local rental market. Their experience, marketing tactics and negotiation skills derive sales, uplift the value of a property and help clients meet their desired demands.

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Reliable and trustworthy service

Trust is fundamental to genuine success of any kind. Our property managers understand how important it is to build and keep trust. We facilitate a trusted relationship between property managers, landlords and renters.

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“Positive: Professionalism”

Wynndale Lagat

“True Property Management provides great customer services with their clients in mind. They are very passionate about the work they do and it shows”

Alester Black

“Pleasant conversation with management even I went to go speak about our junk removal services. Friendly staff, as I am sure also professionals. Give them a try.”

John Bennett

“TPM has been managing my rental property for a number of years. Kurt and his team are very honest, responsive, and professional. Communication is fantastic and as an owner that is not local, that is a highly valued quality in a property manager. I would highly recommend them!”

Eric Carranza

“Rented a home where True Property Management handled the property for the owners. They have an easy-to-use app to pay rent and to report any issues. We reported three issues throughout the year and all three were handled promptly. Specifically, the person we worked with was Fred Jackson, who we met when we arrived at the home to receive our keys, and who worked with us during the year if we had any questions.”

Brian Tada

“Over the years as a valid customer, I have received good quality service from the team. And they have been handled my responses in a timely manner. I am happy to have worked with them. Very respectful as well.”

Erin Gatehouse

“I was struggling to find an apartment being new to Newport Beach. I stumbled across True Property Management and have been so fortunate to work with them. They guided me through which apartment would best meet my needs. It has been a smooth process ever since and I am in love with my apartment!”

Alica Cheney

“Kurt has been amazing. They are quick and efficient. Issues are handled amazingly fast. I love that they follow up to ensure the work was done properly and that no issues remain. I would recommend them highly.”

Ginny Mendoza

“Kurt worked with me to find a qualified renter. I travel a lot so, I didn’t want to take care of the many issues that a renter might have. It has worked out fine and my rent money is directly deposited into my account regularly every month. Good job, guys! Its been a positive experience.”

Jhonny Bravo

“We’ve rented from True Property for 3 years until we bought a home. Our townhouse was a wonderful place to live and the management company did a fantastic job keeping the place nice. All of our maintenance requests were completed in a timely manner and concerns were addressed quickly. They have an easy-to-use online pay and maintenance portal which was very useful. I highly recommend it!!”

Clyde Allen


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